The Jamie Pyjamas (Tilly Buttons Pattern Review)

Pattern: Jamie Pyjamas by Tilly and the buttons

Fabric: Floral Print Cotton Lawn from Minerva Crafts and Fabrics

The Jaime Pyjamas (shorts version) were the item of clothing I made myself this year. I saw that you could purchase a PDF pattern to download and print immediately and I went for it! Tilly Buttons also has a free video tutorial talking you through each step of making these pyjama bottoms, as well as clearly printed instructions.

Before I go into my thoughts on the pattern, I do want to admit that my first actual attempt at these went horribly wrong! I was so excited to start sewing that I didn’t take the time out to really focus on what I was doing! I sewed the side seams together fine, but then accidentally sewed the 2 crotch Seans together instead of the inside leg seams! (I even thought it looked strange but carried on regardless!). Obviously, when I then tried to attach legs together I was left with a very weirdly shaped pair of shorts! I laughed it off, grabbed the seam ripper and started again the next day with more success!

Lessons learnt! I learnt that it is really important to take the time to look at your pattern pieces, labels and notches and transfer these to the fabric, making sure you know which bit is which. I’ve been highlighting key bits on my pattern pieces ever since! Onto the review now…

Instructions and Sewing the Garment

Despite my error on attempt number one, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow (Like all of Tilly’s patterns actually), and the free video tutorial is a nice added bonus! Its probably worth watching the video in full before jumping straight in like I did. There are also a ton of helpful hints and tips on the website which are really helpful for beginners.

The Jaime pyjamas are made up on 4 pattern pieces – 2 front legs and 2 back legs, which are sewn together and then joined at the crotch. The waistband is created by making a channel and inserting elastic, then you finishe the bottoms by hemming the legs. There isn’t anything complicated in this pattern so I would recommend it for newbie sewers; I’m really glad I chose it as one of my first patterns!

Sizing and Fit

There are clear measurements (and finished garment measurements) to help you find the right size. I’m a bit smaller in my hips and bum, so I looked at the finished garment sizes and decided to size down one. They are still a bit loose on me, but I think that adds to the comfort! You can size the waistband elastic to suit you as well which is great

Finished Garment

I now have a lovely pair of shorts – although these are supposed to be pyjama shorts, I’ve been wearing them as comfortable day time shorts while pottering round in the house and garden!

I’m already planning on making the full length version soon – in a bright purple Halloween fabric ready for October!

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