Things I’ve learnt in my first 3 months of Dressmaking

After dabbling with sewing here and there over the last few years, I decided to learn to sew and make clothes properly just a few months ago. When I really set my mind to something, I really put all of my enthusiasm into it so I’m not lying when I say I’ve done nothing but sew for months!

I’ve learnt A LOT in these last few months and I thought I would share some of them here. I’m sure there are so many important things I’ve missed out here so let me know what you’ve learnt recently in your sewing journeys.

  1. Patience. I get really excited when I’ve decided what to make next, which is good, except that this can lead me to rushing into it and then making mistakes. I now know that its better for me to really slow down and be patient. This involves taking the time to read through all of the pattern instructions and searching for some pattern reviews or videos to see if there are any hints or tips to help me. I’ve also learnt that it helps me to cut out my pattern pieces and fabric pieces the day before I sew. This really prevents me rushing through those stages to get to the fun bit of sewing!
  2. Pattern Markings. For some reason, I never realised the importance of these at first, but its really helpful to take the time to transfer all of these to your fabric as you cut the pieces out, they will help you line up the pieces together giving you a much neater finish.
  3. Good Fabric Scissors. At first, I was using an old pair of my mums fabric scissors but I decided to upgrade to a new pair of Fiskers and I’m so glad I did! A good quality, sharp pair of scissors make cutting out the pieces a whole lot easier!
  4. Measure carefully and check fit as you go! There is nothing worse than putting a lot of time and effort into making an item of clothing that doesn’t fit! I check my measurements for each pattern (because this changes!) and also check the finished garment measurements, using these to work out what size to make. I haven’t learnt much about altering clothes yet so I try to get this as accurate as I can. At each step, I slip the garment on to see how we are doing in case I need to increase or decrease my seam allowance to give a better fit. If I’m really unsure, I make a toile in cheap fabric to see how it looks before cutting into my nice final fabric.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try! Jumping into trying different projects has actually worked well for me; I’ve been trying to pick some that involve different techniques for me to try out, and I’ve definitely learnt something from each piece that hasn’t worked out perfectly.

What things have you learnt in your sewing journey?

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