The Sagebrush top [Friday Pattern Company] – A perfect summer top!

The Sagebrush top, a pattern from Friday Pattern company, is a breezy blouse designed for woven fabrics with a gorgeous ruffle across the front and statement sleeves. It has a wide size range from XS to 7X and is suitable for beginner sewers. Its a pattern I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, but I knew I would want to make some changes to suit my style so I waited until I had a nice quiet week so I could really take my time with it.

I chose to use a very lightweight viscose to make my sagebrush a great spring or summer top that will be comfy with jeans and shorts. I’ve had this cat print fabric in my stash for ages which seemed perfect – I’m afraid I’ve had it in my stash so long I can’t remember where I bought it from!

This was the first pattern I’ve sewn from Friday Pattern company and I was very impressed with the clarity of the instructions. I ordered the paper copy of this pattern and I got a lovely little booklet with all the steps to follow, but also very clear sections at the front about how you may wish to adjust things and I thought that was a really nice touch. The pattern itself is on quite thin ’tissue paper’ but it was still clear to trace out. I do prefer the patterns printed on thicker paper, but this is just personal preference!


This is probably the garment that I’ve done the most adjustments too – I actually made a toile to test them out which is not something I usually do. Firstly; the Sagebrush top is designed to be quite boxy with lots of ease and I wanted a more streamlined fit. I checked the finished garment measurements and cut out a size smaller; but when I tried the bodice on I knew I still needed to remove more ease so I took another inch off each side seam which worked well.

The other change I made was to the sleeves. The original sleeves are very gathered and puffy. Whilst I can admire this look on other people I simply don’t feel comfortable with it myself, especially having quite wide shoulders! So after some research about altering sleeves I ended up removing 2 inches of ease from the sleeve cap, and around 1.5 cm from the width of the sleeve. Once I was happy with this I then decided not to add the elastic at the sleeve hem, I simply overlocked the edge and turned in under by 1cm. This has left me with a lovely loose and draped sleeve.

My sleeve adjustments

Overall Thoughts

I’m just a little obsessed with my finished sagebrush and I think I will be whipping a few more up now I’ve got the fit I wanted; I won’t change anything else next time and I can’t wait to have more beautiful designs in my wardrobe! I’m also keen to try out some more patterns from Friday Pattern Company as this was such a dream to sew!

Such a great print for a cat lover like myself!

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