Bringing a personal touch to sewing – Fun and Quirky Touches

One of the things I enjoy about sewing my own clothes in bringing a truly unique element into each of them; whether that is through the fabric choice (I love a dinosaur print!) or by adding in some little secret features. I do this by using interesting bias binding, contrasting inner fabric (such as lining or pockets) and sewing labels!

Here are some of my favourite things to use!


I honestly love a fun label and I’m discovering more and more great designs as time goes on. I find myself reaching for woven labels. Some that I particularly like are by Paige Joanna; who sells them on her Etsy shop. The ‘Holy Stitch I made this’ is by far my favourite, although all of the designs are nice!

I also recently discovered labels by Little Rosy Cheeks and instantly fell in love with them. These labels are bright and quirky and really add a pop of fun to outfits; you could even add them to the outside of garments so they can be enjoyed by everyone!

Kylie and the machine produce a huge range of woven labels in so many designs. I have quite a few of these and I like that there are really fun ones, but also quite sensible labels as well. You pick these up from lots of different online retailers.

Bias Binding

I actually like finishing a neckline with bias binding for a crisp and clean finish so when I found the range of patterned bias tape from The specky Seamstress I was thrilled! She has a number of different designs from dinosaurs to flowers to planets! I’ve now used this on a few garments and I love having that really fun touch to an otherwise quite smart outfit (and I think I’ll add them into everything I make for work to make even those outfits more fun!)


Obviously I think the best thing about dressmaking is the huge varied choice of colours, prints and fabric types. I absolutely adore patterned fabric and I’m not shy when it comes to the design. I’ve used dinosaur prints, animal prints, bright abstract prints, florals and so many more! In fact, I have only sewn one garment with a plain coloured fabric! There are also so many online retailers to chose from – you really could spend a fortune! I’m slowly building a gorgeous collections of fabrics and I’m excited to use every single of one them!

Sewing to suit your needs, style and shape

I think the final thing to mention when it comes to personalising your sewing is adapting the patterns you are sewing. This is perhaps not something you will do on your first few garments but its amazing how quickly you start to feel confident to tailor things a little more. This may be by adding pockets into clothing, changing necklines, sleeves and my personal favourite added touch – waist ties! Honestly the possibilities are endless and it feels so great when you finish an item that has exactly the features you love the most! Recently, I chose to leave my overlocked edges exposed on a dress because I had used rainbow thread and I simply couldn’t bear to hide it away!

What personal touches do you like to add to your sewing?

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